From the Editor's Desk | #13

From the Editor's Desk | #13

Things from the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief

So Much Good Stuff to Share: Cadet Media Group Trip Section + All-American Gymnists + (Young) Old Grad TEDTalk + 4-Time Boxing Champ + G-3’s Legacy Project + Things We Wish We’d Photographed + VOL III in the Mail + Sam Cooke - YES! + AOG Mag + West Point on SNL + Army-Navy Emmy? + Beyond the Point Released + Danny Wild + Bullet Brass Coffee + Our Content Calendar + more, more, so much more (maybe too much)



Congratulations to Carlan Ivey on becoming West Point’s first ever 4-time National Boxing Champion. Oh, while majoring in Nuclear Engineering and earning a Master’s Fellowship to NC State. It’s been our pleasure to photograph you over the past few years and even meet your family. You’re an inspiration and just flat impressive.

As a team, Army Boxing had 10 medalists - 6 of them gold medalists. Well done!

Behind Enemy Lines | Winter 2018-19

Supporting the Black Knights in Enemy Territory

Exchange Cadets

December 2, 2018

The West Point Society of Annapolis (yes, that a real thing) gets to act as surrogate foster families to the cadets who get the opportunity to invade the Naval Academy for a semester each fall. Once a month, they gather to celebrate their connection, feast and share stories. Each August the society welcomes the cadets and each December they send them off with a Holiday Social.

All-Academy Gymnastics Meet

February 9, 2019


We spent a brisk and sunny Saturday afternoon at the Naval Academy supporting the Gymnastics team in the annual All-Academy Gymnastics competition. So, we put together a small gallery from the showdown between Army, Air Force & Navy. Army finished third.

Men’s & Women’s Basketball

February 16, 2019


We spent 100th Night behind enemy lines with Men’s & Women’s Basketball. We took the opportunity as we watched the women #BEATnavy to make the above image - inspired by the Instagram Account @pellecass

How to throw a CADET Dinner Party (circa '10)

How to throw a CADET Dinner Party (circa '10)

I know you’re probably thinking it - “If there’s one thing I miss about West Point, it’s got to be the mess hall food.” Yeah, just kidding. BUT we all have those nostalgic favorite dishes that seem to come up every time we get together. In recent conversations on this topic with old grads of all ages, I realized that what I think of as “the classics” are often completely foreign to grads of different eras.

West Point + D.C.

How the CADET TEAM Supports the Black Knights in the Nation’s Capital

Joint Service Academy Ball | West Point Parent’s Club of MD, D.C. & VA

December 22, 2018

On Saturday, December 22, 2018 the CADET TEAM was hired to photograph the 2018 Joint Service Academy Ball. The West Point Parent’s Club of MD, D.C. & VA was the host for this year’s ball and several weeks prior they reached out to us. It was a perfect collaboration. Below are a few of our favorite images from the evening. The full gallery can be found by click the “view gallery” button below.

West Point Society of D.C. Winter Luncheon with the First Captain

January 23, 2019


West Point Society of DC was visited by First Captain @davidbindon He was the featured speaker for the society’s winter luncheon.

Here’s 5 things we learned about the First Captain:

1. He called home the second day of beast because he wanted to quit.

2. He is a second generation West Pointer - his father is #USMA89

3. In addition to his duties as the First Captain (like going to Washington D.C. on a random Wednesday in January) he is a big part of @armywestpointwbb program, where he helps set the women up for success (like recently BEATING NAVY) as a scout team/practice player.

4. He eloquently handled telling a room full of very old Grads about how there are no longer scheduled classes on Wednesdays (edit: no class on 2x Wednesdays/month).

5. After graduation and before attending flight school at Fort Rucker he will make trip across the pond as he was selected as a Marshall Scholar.

Cadet Media Group D.C. Trip Section

April 2019


This April the CADET TEAM will host the members of the Cadet Media Group. We are pumped to explore creativity with the newly formed and sanctioned Directorate of Cadet Activities Club. We have multiple grad-photographer guest speakers lined-up, a BIG TIME practical exercise, a monument photo-walk and a whole lot of nerdy creative talked ready to go.



CADET was designed to be a collaborative endeavor. VOL III proudly features the works of 20 individuals from the USMA community. Highlighting grads old and new, current cadets and members of the West Point community, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share their talents with you.

Here’s a look at the contributors that will help make VOL III of CADET our best effort yet.



Can’t you still here it like it was yesterday? COOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN CHOWDER! I hated it. You probably hated it too. But somewhere, deep, deep, down in the depths of your USMA pride, you kind of love it too. Maybe? Well either way, this jazzed up version is a MAJOR improvement from the mundane original served up like yellow-tinged gray slop out of metal bins in the mess hall. Keep things classic and pair this recipe with another OG cadet fave - the infamous Spicy Chicken Patty.