CADET was designed to be a collaborative endeavor. While VOL I was comprised entirely of images and articles attributed to the CADET team, VOL II proudly features the works of several individuals from the USMA community. Highlighting grads old and new, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share their talents with you.

Here’s a look at the contributors that helped make VOL II of CADET a success.



Luke contributed responses to a Q & A interview for the “West Point 100: Creators” project. Luke is a rising country music artist and singer-songwriter currently on tour across the United States. Luke invited the CADET team to go backstage with him at his show in Chicago, IL to document a slice of life on the road.


Kim Jung USMA 2008

Kim contributed responses to a Q & A interview and portrait session as part of the “West Point 100: Creators” project. Kim is co-founder of the international saffron distributor Rumi Spice - the worlds largest employer of Afghan women.


Alix Idrache USMA 2016

Alix contributed two illustrations to VOL II of CADET. One is a self portrait and the other is of former Superintendent LTG(R) Robert Caslen. Alix is currently serving in the US Army as an aviation officer.



Mike contributed to a Q & A interview and participated in a portrait session serving the “West Point 100: Creators” project. Mike is the founder of Emblem Athletic - an athletic apparel company based in Columbus, OH. Mike is also the creator of Center Stall, Academy Casual and a perennial Army-Navy Prankster.


Austin Lachance USMA 2017

Austin contributed two portraits to VOL II. These portraits utilize the Brenizer Method to create a shallow depth of field with a wide angle of view. During his time at West Point and after graduation, Austin created award-winnning photos and videos for USMA. Austin is currently in flight school at Ft Rucker, AL.

Caroline Pestel USMA 2010

Through the first two volumes of CADET, Caroline has served as the publication’s managing director and contributing writer and photographer. Caroline is also the co-founder of Homegrwn Creative, and a photographer, social media consultant and blog coach at CarolinePestel.com.


Lucian Truscott USMA 1969

Lucian Truscott contributed to VOL II with his “6-words to describe being a Cadet/Old Grad.” Lucian is a writer, journalist, novelist and screenwriter


Brianna Sharkey USMA 2015

In 2015, Brianna penned a poem in honor of 1LT Laura Walker (USMA 2003 KIA August 18, 2005). The poem was originally published in a photo essay by Chris Pestel (‘03) on the 10th annual 1LT Laura Walker Memorial Team Handball Tournament. Brianna currently serves as a 1LT in the MI Branch.


Alex Werden USMA 2018

Alex contributed a feature photo essay about the sport of Buzkashi. Alex helped establish the Cadet Media Group during his 47-months at West Point, helping usher in a new era of West Point imagemakers. Alex is a new 2LT and at the time of publishing is snow-birding at Ft. Benning, GA.


Chris Pestel USMA 2003

Chris serves as CADET’s editor-in-chief and creative director, and is the primary photographer for the print and digital publication. Chris, together with his wife, Caroline, runs Homegrwn Creative - a boutique creative agency for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Wander & Range Photography

This husband and wife photography team beautifully captured the wedding of Chris and Caroline in May 2018. Three of their images are featured in VOL II.

Do YOU want to be a Contributor?

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