From the Editor's Desk | #2

10 Things from the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief

CADET is a bi-annual, self-published, independent magazine and online publication about West Point.

created by 2 USMA grads @chrisWpestel @carolinepestel

  1. For Your Eyeballs

    Season #3 of True Detective | It’s off to a great start, we’re pining for more slow acting from Mahershala Ali. After exhausting the available episodes we started VEEP - living in DC was the perfect reason to start a show thats part Curb Your Enthusiasm + The Office + Arrested Development

    Kaptain Kristian | Head over to this YouTube Channel where carefully selected subject material will leave you feeling good - if you like animation, you’re in luck, be sure to check out the video on Max Fleischer’s Superman cartoons from the 1940’s

    Snurlough | We had our first significant snow fall of 2019 here in DC, shit was shutting down left and right (in addition to the government - prompting the stupid hashtag SNURLOUGH) and so many windshield wipers were in the upright and locked position (photo below)

  2. For Your Eardrums

    Anthem | This past weekend we took a trip across the Potomac and made our first visit to the Anthem to see adult contemporary band (??!?) The Revivalists - the show’s audience was surprisingly old-ish, then again I turn 38 next week. It’s probably because of this very fact about aging that I have become quite fond of jazz and some rather atmospheric music as of late.

    Jazz | Speaking of that, for Jazz Piano, check out Ryo Fukui’s - My Favorite Tune & Marcel the Drunkard’s YouTube Channel (I fell in love with the artwork on that channel).

    Atmosphere | For some kickass atmospheric rock/hip-hop/funk/soul/jazz check out former skateboarder Tommy Guerrero’s discography (terrific album cover art, btw) which we are currently giving a spin.

  3. For Every Heart…in Gray

    The Ring Melt | For the first time it’s being held at West Point and they are opening it up to the graduate community to attend. We’re taking them up on the invite, we’ll see you there on January 25, 2019 - this video is moving and was put together by the cadets in the Cadet Media Group

    Entrepreneur Summit | AOG’s foray into gathering of entrepreneurial-minded grads has us pumped for April

    1930’s Army Football program cover | art-deco masterpiece has us thinking big for next fall - thanks to the newly minted IG/FB account Sons of Slum and Gravy, our feed is treated to outstanding relics of a by-gone era.

    Point Roberts, WA | Weird geography has us wanting to find a grad who hails from this place where the average time spent here is just 8 minutes

    Navy + 20% Vendor Fee & Snow Day | #NavySucks and also #NavyTrulySucks

    Monken’s Contract Extension + Caslen Rimington Trophy + 2018 Lambert Trophy | The awards, extensions, trophies, accomplishments and expectations truly tremendous & special…and a not-so-new DC, plus former Supe-Daddy Caslen gets a new gig + keeps getting recognized

    Semester of Grant | AOG has kicked off a semester dedicated to the tales of brave Ulysses culminating in the unveiling of a Grant statue. Also, Grant Hall is being renovated.

    Davis Barracks Snags Design Award for 2018 | Tremendous accomplishment

  4. The Matrix

    Bandersnatch | We spent our Saturday morning making our way through the clever Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch - it reminded me of this very-heady Wisecrack YouTube video on comic book writer/creator Grant Morrison

  5. The Design of Things

    Blueprint | We’re not sure how exactly we came across the series on YouTube but were always excited to peak behind the curtain of creators and creations.

    Interobang & Octothorpe | What kind of question is that?! & the link between Pound, Hashtag, Number Sign, and Lumberyard?!

    Hidden Rooms | At the Pentagon and in this accidental room in suburban mall that an artist and his friends lived in, undetected, for like 4 years

    Why things are the way they are | Check out this 99% Invisible mini-stories episode to learn about the humble and heartbreaking origin of the Karaoke machine - the Juke 8 and why Cortlandt Alley is the archetypal (and basically, ONLY) alley in NYC

  6. For the Bibliophiles

    Velocity of Being | A masterpiece that is now, most certainly on my to-get book list

    PS Monthly | @USArmy posted a tweet earlier this week about PS Monthly which is a great example of the intersection of art and the Army as well as sequential art & storytelling serving as a learning tool - Legendary comic creator Will Eisner was the the original driving for behind PS Monthly

    The Strip | Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream another beautiful Christmas gift I cracked open this week

  7. Podcast FROM THIS WEEK

    After Action Review | Rod Rodriguez founder of Clear Commo and Host of the AAR Podcast - which serves as a vehicle to create, promote, and support a network of Veteran entrepreneurs by capturing and sharing their stories with the Veteran community. 

    Stack | A Profound Waste of Time is a beautifully illustrated gaming magazine. very inspirtational

    99% Invisible | Mini-Stories - these episodes are quick-hitting and extremely entertaining

  8. The Introvert

    Caricatures Workshop | Mad Magazine’s Tom Richmond is holding a Workshop in Arlington/DC in August, I’ll be there

    Flaws & Introverts | Power of Quiet author Susain Cain shared this on Facebook regarding flaws

    HOW-TO | This guide to digitizing photos

  9. The Extrovert

    Bunker Brews | We took a trip out to Tyson’s Corner to fh+h law. services. + chisel to hear Francis Hoang USMA ‘95 on a live podcast (see Podcast #7)

    USMA Parents | We took an excellent phone call earlier this week and connected with the parent of a yearling to work with her on a project to capture the essence of their cadet, her interests and their time at West Point. Perfection

  10. The Magazine

    Big Bites Recipe Shoot | We threw a little USMA-inspired dinner party - The Kennedy’s (USMA ‘09 & USMA ‘10) and the Pestel (USMA ‘03 & USMA ‘10) talked about mess hall food + photographed it + then dropped it on the floor, played Punderdome then for some reason re-created the album cover from Queen’s second studio album (above + below)

    HIllflint | Apparell company Hillflint posted an Army Boxing themed post on IG this week + this IG Story. We captured those images back in 2016 in Chicago. Its great teaming-up with stellar brands like Hillflint and we look forward to future collaborations

    VOL III | Layouts are happening now. We are very excited to wrap-up VOL III and get it out in the wild and especially into your hands.

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