From the Editor's Desk | #4

10 Things from the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief

CADET is a bi-annual, self-published, independent magazine and online publication about West Point.

created by 2 USMA grads @chrisWpestel @carolinepestel

  1. For Your Eyeballs

    EYE CANDY Check out this video on blocking from the YouTube channel Cinefix. Now, you should be warned (or encouraged) that Cinefix is for film nerds. But, their presentation is spectacular, and if you stick it out for a few videos, you WILL develop your visual literacy (and have a few elitist film snob movie titles to recite at your next highbrow gathering).

  2. For Your Eardrums

    RADIO GA GA In a previous “From the Editor” I lamented about Chicago radio station 93.1 WXRT…and well…here we go again. I miss Lin’s Bin. Long-time Chicago DJ Lin Brehmer takes a listener-submitted topic and explores it - simple. Everything from playing outside and professional baseball to dinner time and Christmas lights. What’s great (AND terrible) is that despite how easily Lin’s Bin could be a podcast, it only airs at 7:15am and 6:15pm on Mondays and Fridays. Fortunately, the station can be streamed here. Now, I just have to remind myself every Friday and Monday, which I’m highly motivated to do because I have NO DESIRE to return to Chicago right now as the temperature was -28 degrees this morning with a windchill of -52.

    JAZZ AND CATHOLIC MASS I was blown away this week while making my way through some classy jazz music. I muttered out loud that this song reminded me of this song. And it turns out, one was totally influential on the other. Now the resemblance is pretty d’uh but I hadn’t heard the Church song since I was maybe 14 years old.

    WORK PLAYLIST If you’re not sure where to start with Glam Rock, check out this medley.

  3. For Every Heart…in Gray 

    THE LEGACY OF MAGGIE DIXON A Leader on the Court and in Life - this book popped up on our Facebook feed and for many reasons, it caught our attention. The author is Jack Grubbs USMA ‘64, a retired Brigadier General and a faculty member of the Thayer Leader Development Group.

    BYE-BYE BOO Army Athletics said good-bye (rather unexpectedly) to Athletic Director Boo Coorigan on Wednesday, January 30. Read about it here - I am sure this will continue to be in the news as a replacement AD fills Boo’s shoes (Filling Boo’s Shoes…could be a title of something…).

    GRAYBOY Oh my were we pumped to see this Pointer parody of Playboy magazine over the weekend. The 1979 Pointer Staff included USMA 1980’s Mike Conrad who went on to have a long and successful career as an illustrator. The CADET TEAM actually has some real-world experience with Playboy magazine. I (Chris) was a Photo Editor/Image Tech/Page Layout Designer for Playboy about 10 years ago. I had several images published and had my name in the masthead. That experience deeply influenced the creation of CADET.

    MAJORS Cadets chose their majors this past week. The CADET TEAM majored in Management (Caroline) and Art, Philosophy & Literature (Chris).

    DC TRIP SECTION FOR THE CREATIVES The Cadet Media Group and the CADET TEAM are planning a spring Trip Section here in DC in April. We CANNOT wait to get this ball rolling. Cherry Blossom season info and these copious DC photo guides will come in handy. This event has us wanting to do a creative summit for the graduate community. Stay tuned.

    ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Around this time last week we got some mail. It was Raider’s Adventures A to Z Coloring Book (some pictures below). It’s from the early 90’s and simply marvelous. If you like the strange, rare and exotic when it comes to your West Point swag, check out this Facebook marketplace group.

    RING MELT We had hoped that we could attend this year’s Ring Melt but alas, the production of VOL III took precedence. The event looked inspiring and impactful and we hope it finds a new home there at West Point…our header image was taken by professional photographer and photography high school teacher Rick French (USMA ‘86) who donated his (extra) ring to his son’s class ring melt…pretty damn cool.

  4. The Matrix

    JUST KEEP GOING If you are creating something, you will eventually doubt yourself. What you do then says everything about you and your process. Here’s how you keep going.

    ALSO IT’S OKAY TO BE A PACK RAT Despite what Marie Kondo says, its okay to collect things, especially if you are trying to create something…then, its imperative.

  5. The Design of Things

    THE BOTTLE EPISODE + MESS HALL DYNAMICS We came across this article on the Bottle Episode, which is a narrative device that places all characters in the same place for the entirety of an episode. Later that day we encountered this tweet about the Mess Hall staff and I think we basically have a concept pitch to Netflix. I’d watch.

    WHEN TO REVISIT THE PAST This article just might apply to brands like West Point and CADET, haven’t read it yet, so I’m not quite sure. But I am going to and you should to, if you like that sort of thing, of course.

    I LOVE THE WIZARD OF OZ And this online exhibit makes me real happy.


    LOGOS + PROGRAMS This tweet from Darren Rovell recounting the mis-steps with the last few decades of Super Bowl logos reminds me of our issue with the Army-Navy Game program covers.

    HISTORY OF THE FOOTBALL HELMET Check out all the connections to Army-Navy/West Point grads and one of the current Super Bowl teams in this retrospective look at the football helmet.

  7. Podcast FROM THIS WEEK

    FREAKONOMICS I really enjoyed this extended interview with Mark Texiera about switch-hitting and his Naval Academy inspired upbringing + the next installment of the inside the sports-industrial complex episode + are you gambling on the super bowl?

    99% INVISIBLE Bundyville + double eye-lid surgery and straw misconceptions  + Sears houses + the Crude Habitat phenomena - you can check those out here; I had several small thoughts on all of these, nothing worth your time at the moment.


    INDOOR FIELD HOCKEY There is no substitute for victory and that has led one member of the CADET TEAM to get back to an old love - Field Hockey - and the winter version of the sport - Indoor Field Hockey. Witnessing a sport like this makes me want to photograph it like a spread from VICTORY JOURNAL and try my hand at a shot like one from @pellecass instagram account

    COMPOSE WITH COLOR This article is a good reminder of what to do when you are in a rut or want to take your photography to the next level.

    HONG KONG STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Man oh man…this tweet has me wanting to get back out on the streets and compose some street photography.


    INSTAGRAM - One half of the CADET TEAM got back on Instagram this week after a nearly 3-month hiatus. Go say hi or follow @carolineApestel.

  10. CADET - The Magazine

    VOL III - We’re gonna create a promo video in the vein of the Opening title sequence to True Detective. The promo will be for VOL III’s release and our upcoming SUBSCRIPTIONS option.

    ACADEMY GROUNDS - we love coffee and West Point so we are considering our own line of West Point coffee…what do you think? We also love top-notch coffee branding so maybe it’ll just be a thing, but a thing that doesn’t exist.

    Co MASCOT STICKER PACKS - As soon as VOL III is off to the printer (any day now), we will begin developing a new project, this Instagram post got us motivated.

    WEST POINT TRADING CARDS - Same as above, inspired by GummyArts we came across them on Instagram this week - also, here’s their website.

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