How to throw a CADET Dinner Party (circa '10)

I know you’re probably thinking it - “If there’s one thing I miss about West Point, it’s got to be the mess hall food.” Yeah, just kidding. BUT we all have those nostalgic favorite dishes that seem to come up every time we get together. In recent conversations on this topic with old grads of all ages, I realized that what I think of as “the classics” are often completely foreign to grads of different eras. My exclamation of “CHICKEN CRISPITOS!” was met with blank stares when talking to a few early 2000s grads. So when I set out to put together the first additions to our new CADET recipe collection, I figured I should caveat the title of this inaugural edition with a (circa ‘10) so as to not assume all OGs out there will relate to the throwback nature of the recipes.


How to throw a circa ‘10 CADET dinner party:

1. Start yelling “COOOOOORRRRRRRN CHOWDERRRRRRR” while you make a pot of this amped up version of the bland classic.



2. Pan fry a few SPICY CHICKEN PATTIES to dip in that chowder just like the old days.



3. Challenge the youngest of guests to perfectly divide this CONGO BAR into 13 slices. PUNISH FAILURE AS NECESSARY.



4. SWAP buckner WAR STORIES, pour a few beers into THE class beer steins you’ve never used, and when the booze & nostalgia-fueled delirium kick in, recreate infamous album covers together.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 12.04.06 AM.png

Let us know how YOUR dinner party goes by commenting below or dropping us a line.