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  1. For Your Eyeballs

    EYE CANDY Check out this video of 36 Westerns Timed to first Gunshot from the YouTube channel Entertain the Elk. It’s a great example of a simple idea, executed brilliantly (or as Austin Kleon puts it a “simple cut” or 1+1=3). This is certainly one of those things that seems quite nonsensical at first, but turns out to be truly interesting and almost infinitely re-watchable. Enjoy.

  2. For Your Eardrums

    RADIO GA GA Over the weekend, we bought a stack of new records from a local thrift store, including one from Andres Segovia - I bought my first CD of his at the airport in Barcelona at the end of Spring Break in 2001. I’ve been working in silence a bit more this week. It’s nice to change things up.

  3. For Every Heart…in Gray 

    POST NIGHT The next milestone is up for the class of 2019. For VOL III of CADET we teamed up with Right & Up founder, Riley Kennedy (USMA ‘10) for a look at 5 Army towns around the country and what they have to offer. Here’s a preview of who we are collaborating with for VOL III.

    GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPIONSHIPS The Men’s and Women’s (both teams reigning national champs) were well represented in the 2019 Western New England Golden Gloves Championships over the weekend - Brianna Dorsey (132lb), Adaya Queen (141lb) and Janel Tracy (152lb) brought home for the women as did Carlan Ivey (125lb) for the men. Congratulations to all. We can’t wait to get our butts to more boxing this year. We miss it and hell NO BODY seems to be covering it. It was a pain in the ass to find anything on this event.

    RIFLE + GYMNASTICS + TRACK & FIELD (INDOOR) + PISTOL All took on Navy this past weekend. Track & Field swept the midshipman and Pistol was victorious…while Rifle and Gymnastics fell in their respective star matches.

    BIG THURM ON CENTER FOR ORAL HISTORY My former Army Football teammate was featured by the West Point Center for Oral History. John Thurman was a firstie when I was a plebe and was the leader of the scout team. He has made an immeasurable impact on my life. So I am sharing a little about his.

  4. The Matrix

    CREATE THEN CONSUME That’s the creative mantra I’m adopting for February. I’m excited to see how it plays out.

    I LIKE WHEN THINGS GET WEIRD ON TWITTER And sometimes it gets entertainingly meta.

    THE WEIGHT OF NEGATIVE FEEDBACK Negative feedback resonates and lingers so much. I think it has to do with the fact that someone is misunderstanding our intentions. Lesson learned = we get WAAAAY MORE positive feedback then we do negative, but spend far less time on thinking and reacting and justifying to the positive.

  5. The Design of Things

    BURDEN OF DREAMS What a ride. This documentary chronicles the making of Werner Herzog’s 1981 movie Fritzcaraldo. The only thing you need to know before watching is this video clip

    VISUAL FAMILIES This is our new favorite book. Don’t be surprised to see Instagram post, and illustrations over the coming months that have been inspired by the pages of this phenomenal compilation. Speaking of books and compilations, our 8 Rare West Point Books article generated some nice discussion on Facebook. Check it out HERE.

    MOVIE POSTERS These movie poster videos HERE and HERE from Vanity Fair are informative and delightful as they take you on a journey exploring the art, craft and business of the movie poster.


    AMERICAS TEAM + AMERICAS DREAM The Long Gray Line had something to cheer about during Sunday’s Super Bowl. This Kid won over our collective hearts (in gray) and minds. Bravo, CBS. The rest of the super bowl was forgettable.

    THE SUPER BOWL OF… Film Festivals = Sundance Film Festival. It occurs early every February, I want to go one day. Check out this wrap-up to get ahead of your friends on what movies to watch out for in the coming months.

  7. Podcast FROM THIS WEEK

    FREAKONOMICS I really enjoyed this extended interview with Domonique Foxworth + the next installment (Not Just Another Labor Force) of Freakonomics in-depth look at the industrial complex of sports.

    99% INVISIBLE Everything is Alive episode (from July 2018) is a surreal trip into the perspective of the inanimate. Which was weird because I haphazardly listen to it this week, then this tweet/article then came across my Twitter feed this morning.


    INDOOR FIELD HOCKEY Last week I challenged myself to try my hand at a indoor field hockey photo like one from @pellecass instagram account The result is below. Not pictured, my wife taking a full follow-through in the teeth.

    NERDWRITER The story behind Dorothea Lange’s famous depression era photo. Don’t be afraid to follow your gut and TURN-A-ROUND.

    FAVORITE POLAR VORTEX IMAGE SET Belongs to these Chicago + Hoth images


    INSTAGRAM One of our photos of Patton statue was featured on the Instagram of Beyond the Point - the upcoming debut from Claire Gibson (a VOL III contributor).

  10. CADET - The Magazine

    VOL III COLLABORATORS PREVIEW Take a peak at who we collaborated with ahead of the release of VOL III of CADET.

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