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created by 2 USMA grads @chrisWpestel @carolinepestel


    FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER Earlier this week we published our monthly Newsletter. It was filled with a bunch of wonderfully good news. We announced SUBSCRIPTIONS as a purchasing option for the magazine, highlighted the 20 USMA CONTRIBUTORS for VOL III, and announced our SPRING WORKSHOP with the Cadet Media Group in April. You can check out the newsletter in its entirety here and hit that big sexy subscribe button while you’re at it to ensure you get our monthly newsletter.


    THE GOODEST SAMARITAN AWARD GOES TO IL State Senator and USMA 2003’s Mike Hastings for saving a man’s life last week with his expert use of the Heimlich Maneuver.

    THE GETTING PUNCHED IN THE FACE IN FRONT OF A LOT OF PEOPLE AWARD GOES TO the the Superintendent and Commandant of Cadets during Brigade Open - Boxing last Friday, February 22 at Ike Hall. So bummed we weren’t able to get to this event. Its on the calendar for next year!

    THE SING SECOND AWARD GOES TO Army Wrestling who disposed of Navy with a convincing 22-10 victory on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at West Point.

    THE HONOR THE FALLEN AWARD GOES TO it’s a tie between the West Point Fallen Comrades Half Marathon and the 8th Annual Derek Hines Flag Day 5K check out these events and support where you can.

    THE CULTURE CHANGE AWARD GOES TO Monday’s Stand Down at West Point

    THE BEST USE OF GRAPHICS ON TWITTER TO WRAP-UP ARMY SPORTS AWARD GOES TO the Brigade Review twitter account for so neatly wrapping-up and looking forward to all the athletics happenings at West Point.

    THE CASUAL NATIONAL CHAMPION AWARD GOES TO Army Powerlifting for winning the National Championship and to Brendan Brown & Elaine Haggard for taking home individual National Championships.


    VISION QUEST I retweeted a post from Army Wrestling making reference to a Dio’s “Hungry for Heaven” from the Vision Quest Soundtrack and it was all over from there - I got completely absorbed by the soundtrack. It took me right back to working out in the late 90’s. I listened to the soundtrack all morning and afternoon - and in my mind I benched reps of 225lbs and did plyo’s and wind sprints.


    THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS speaking of vision quests…take a trip through the looking glass and experience a psychedelic Army Football Game Day Program Cover like no other with THIS Instagram post from Sons of Slum and Gravy.


    BASEBALL & BEST OF FEBRUARY Spring Training began this past weekend. I now have the greatest pleasure of listening to Cubs baseball each afternoon at 3:05pm EST. If you like baseball and care to learn some history of the 3rd oldest MLB stadium check out this podcast from 99% Invisible on Chavez Ravine’s controversial beginnings.

  6. The Design of Things

    DOCS a documentary is a documentary, right? Not so fast…check out CINEFIX 10 Best Documentaries to get a good rundown on different types of documentaries you just might find yourself watching. They can be quite different despite all being lumped into one category. A few very different docs we watched this past week: Little Dieter Needs to Fly NETFLIX - Paris is Burning NETFLIX - Abducted in Plain Sight NETFLIX - Wont You Be My Neighbor HBO - Fyre Festival NETFLIX

  7. West Point 100

    SAMMI PRICE Is a firstie, USMA 2019, and she is soaking up her last 100 days with a portrait photo project as she listens to the advice of 100th Night Speaker Anthony Noto USMA 1991 who urged firsties to “get to know your classmates” CHECK OUT THE PROJECT HERE.

    EVAN CROWELL this weeks header image (also the header image in our February Newsletter) comes from this immensely talented member of of the class of USMA 2020. Go GIVE HIM A FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM…he shoots film.

  8. Podcast FROM THIS WEEK

    REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE this past week West Point announced a new position in the cadet leadership. This announcement tied in nicely with the 99% Invisible episode National Sword, which took a look at some of the truths behind recycling in America. Well, this got me thinking two things…who comes up with the idea and who creates the insignias? Good idea fairy, maybe? Well that just so happens to tie into the next episode in Freakonomics’ deep-dive into creativity - Where do Ideas Come From? Bottom line, I really dig the new insignia…a lot. Also, revisited another Podcast that's gonna get added to the rotation - The Creative Muscle.


    NAVY GRAD HEADSHOTS last Friday I did a portrait session for SHIFT.ORG’s military fellows at ID.ME in Tyson’s Corner here in Virginia. Both of the subjects were Naval Academy grads. Liz USNA 2008 and Mere USNA 2010 were great and had a very interested response when I informed them about CADET. So that was pretty cool. Came to find out that one of them was actually considering how to re-introduce her creative urges back into her life…maybe the West Point 100 needs a Annapolis 100 component??


    WANDER & RANGE so, I was featured over on our wedding photographers Instagram account HERE.

    BEYOND THE POINT the other half of the CADET TEAM was featured by the upcoming debut novel from Claire Gibson’s BEYOND THE POINT Instagram account. In late April they are teaming up for a book signing and talk here in DC.

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