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Things from the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief


    ITS HERE! ITS HERE! ITS HERE! - VOL III HAS ARRIVED Twice a year we feel privileged to be able to release a magazine about this wonderfully inspiring, highly dedicated and wildly unique community. Each and every time we see the magazine in real life our hearts explode with excitement and pride. If you’d like to experience that same feeling please consider BECOMING A SUBSCRIBER to the magazine. Subscriptions begin with VOL III which will begin shipping on April 5.

    CONTRIBUTORS We are always on the lookout for CONTRIBUTORS. And with VOL IV coming in October and VOL V set to release 1 year from now, its never too early to get in touch with us so we can help you tell your story.

    SPONSORS with the release of VOL III, we are now looking to collaborate with SPONSORS to help us make this publication the best it can be. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please reach out today, tomorrow or next week even. We can’t wait to hear from you.


    MARCH NEWSLETTER Once a month we send out a healthy update on the state of our publication. This month was special because we announced the arrival of the third iteration of the magazine, CADET: VOL III - INDEPENDENTS. We love being able to keep you all updated and informed. If you’d like to check out this months newsletter, here you go: MARCH NEWSLETTER. Enjoy!


    GOOD VIBRATIONS It was in the early 2000’s (Cow or Firstie year) that this song began to take ahold of my subconscious. TECH SUPPORT!!!!! was bellowed in an empty office building by a confused Tom Cruise character in the Cameron Crowe movie Vanilla Sky (a remake of Abre Los Ojos). Years later I would unknowingly recreate a still shot from the movie during my photo-a-day 365 project (pictured below). There are several aspects of this movie that have stayed with me over the years, but today were just talking about Good Vibrations. Here’s a terrific breakdown of this under appreciated masterpiece and its robust “wall of sound.”


    SIR IAN MCKELLEN Since the header of this section is all about eyeballs, check out what Sir Ian McKellen can do with his eyeballs.

    WORLD SERIES GAME 7 So lets switch from eyeballs to baseballs…what a segue, eh? ICYMI: opening day was last Thursday. So, naturally I rewatched every pitch from Game 7 of the 2016 World Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. Nearly three years later, I unapologetically thrusted both hands into the air watching Dexter Fowler lead-off the game with a home run and was left a teary-eyed mess by the time Anthony Rizzo put the final out in his back pocket. 2016 was a great sports year as my wife and I saw the Cubs win the World Series, followed by an Army victory over Navy just 1 month later. Fandom, man. It’ll rip your heart out…but when it pays off, its amazing.


    JAN (CHECK) FEB (CHECK) MAR (CHECK) Check out our monthly wrap-ups (coming soon) and be sure to also check out our look back at the first quarter of 2019 (also coming soon). Why wait until December to start looking back, right? Yeah, right. Glad we agree. Time.

  6. The Design of Things

    PILLARS OF WEST POINT IN THE MESS HALL Have you ever noticed those four statues attached to the poop deck in the Cadet Mess Hall?? Even if you are certain you’ve looked in their direction, do you know what they mean, or who they are? Check out this little piece of background on these statues and their relation to the pillars of the Military Academy.

  7. West Point 100

    STREET SHOOTERS Sitting down with West Point creatives is a wonderful way to eat lunch. A few weeks ago I had the chance to finally sit down with former FBI Special Agent and USMA 1990’s Mark Kirby. Learn a little about this Street Photographer here. Mark will take part in our first ever Photo Workshop. We are hosting 10 cadets from the newly formed visual arts club the - Cadet Media Group here in DC this weekend.

    CENTER FOR PRANKS last week our good friend and West Point 100 member Mike Nemeth was featured on the Center for Oral History. If you like hearing stories about pranking Navy and entrepreneurship and hustle and creativity, go give it a watch.


    FIX BAYONETS Wanna hear a ridiculous story about a painting being stabbed? Here you go! Also, heres the trailer for the documentary on said stabbed painting. Hey, sometimes “Art” is infuriating…other times “Art” is just a man’s name.

    WHAT ARE YOU SURE ABOUT? uncertainty is something we all deal with. This episode of Invisibilia tackles this unseen force. Sidebar: Between the Alabama weatherman in this story, Bill Murray’s Phil Connors in Groundhog Day and Steve Carroll’s Brick Tamlan from Anchorman, weathermen are becoming quite an interesting archetype despite dealing with all that uncertainty. What can we learn from it all?


    WHO WERE TEAMING UP WITH IN 2019 CADET was designed as a collaborative affair. From day one we set our sights on connecting with the greater West Point community. From connecting with contributors for the magazine and photographing grads businesses and creations we get the chance to interact and create with grads every single day.

    Here's a look at a few of our upcoming collaborations for 2019:

    • West Point Admissions

    • Army Football Recruiting

    • a 2019 Distinguished Graduates Project

    • the Cadet Media Group in D.C.

    • Claire Gibson's book signing in D.C. 

    • VOL IV of CADET (fall 2019)

    If you'd like to collaborate, reach out. We want to hear from you.


    5000 & 2000? We’re approaching a nice milestones on both INSTAGRAM (approaching 5000 followers) and FACEBOOK (creeping towards 2000 fans). This week on facebook we shared a post from our new project (@CADETBORROWED) and received a comment about Mr. Ducrot. You should come give us a follow on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and then give the Mr. Ducrot diary a read. The mythology of West Point is fascinating. We’re hooked.

Vanilla Sky + real life

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