Ring-In | 2019

19 things (we’re LOOKING FORWARD TO) IN 2019

2019 is primed and ready to go. This is the first year we can remember, maybe since being a cadet, that we have approached the new year with a real sense of renewal. It’s also the first time we can remember taking dedicated time-off at the end of one year and the start of another. So, its totally and completely possible and mostly certain that there is a direct correlation there.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,    
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:    
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

We’re highlighting 19 things that get our hearts pumping for 2019 - ways we get to connect with the greater West Point community and opportunities to document the stories of the Long Gray Line past and present and future.

We here at CADET feel that there is no time like the present. But, in order to enjoy the present to it’s fullest, we must spend proper time both reflecting on what was as well as peering into the future. So here is part 2 of our 2-part series dedicating to wrapping-up 2018 and looking forward to 2019.




COMING JANUARY 2019 This is big news. Real big news. This is great news. Real great news. We are so very pleased to bring this purchasing option to you by the end of January. Get 2 big, beautiful issues of CADET delivered to your doorstep with this quick, no-nonsense option. A great and wonderful gift idea for your favorite West Point fan…or yourself!

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ALL YEAR LONG - We are very excited to work with contributors from all across the West Point spectrum. From the 1960s through to current cadets - photographers, writers, illustrators and entrepreneurs. The magazine and YOU, the reader, are the beneficiary.

In addition, we are always excited about working with you to help tell a West Point story, highlight your business or refresh your website, get a professional headshot, tell the story of your West Point reunion or team’s alumni weekend.

We just love capturing the untold, the unsung and oft forgotten. Do you know a story that’s flying under the radar? Has a unique angle? Is it wildly entertaining or informative? Is it clever, novel and/or extremely important? Will your team/squad/club be in the D.C. area? Let us know, we can’t wait to hear about it and bring that story to life.

A few of the things on our radar for 2019 are club activities, the West Point Triathlon, Glee Club/Alumni Glee Club, USMA 1964’s 55th Reunion, Thayer Room Dedication to West Point Olympic Athletes, John Collabro Night of the Arts and many others.

PARTNERSHIPS This year we are also looking to establish a handful of strategic partnerships. From sponsors and a board of advisors, to product collaborations and stockists, we are excited about taking the nexts step as a publication to bring you the magazine that the greater West Point community deserves.




COMING FEBRUARY 2019 A hallmark of CADET is to be Strong, Daring & Independent. VOL III is all about Independents. From film and photography to freedom, self-reliance and the confidence that is gained from the examined life through self-knowledge. This beautiful country was forged from a rebellion and that independent spirit sits at the heart of CADET.

Coming in early February, VOL III will continue a nuanced vantage point of the nations premier leadership academy. This edition of CADET combines the creative efforts of 20+ West Pointers. Included in VOL III: a look at the creation of a momentous spirit video, flight school, a 12-year photo project, the first West Point indie magazine, a debut novel book excerpt and much, much more.

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COMING FEBRUARY 2019 Along with the release of VOL III we will be bringing new and wonderful prints, illustrations and products to our online shop. We are dedicated to creating the type of USMA swag that we want on our body and in our home. Our goal is to pair the heritage and tradition of USMA with a modern design aesthetic. We can’t wait to unveil what we have in store.

In the meantime, please check out our current store offerings below. We’re putting together a gallery wall in our house this year and we want to challenge you to do the same.



AUGUST 2019 - We’re NOT getting ahead of ourselves when we say we are excited for VOL IV before VOL III is even released. VOL IV will be about COLLISIONS within the West Point community. Some collisions are serendipitous, others are more orchestrated, while others are opportunistic. However your collision occurred, we want to hear your stories of connection with classmates, grads and the academy.




The established micro-communities of West Point are the heart and soul of the West Point network. They are the foundation, where the rubber meets the road. They put on the watch-parties, coordinate the BBQs, plan the Balls & Galas, put on guest lectures, etc, etc, etc. We have had the esteemed pleasure to connect with several Societies and a few Parent Clubs over the years.

But we need your help. We’d like to get to know a few more about them and the fabulous stories they have to tell. We’re curious about what makes a particular Parent Club unique, what sort of signature events does a given West Point Society put on and how we can help.

If you would like to help us connect with a Parent Club and/or a West Point Society please reach out using the button below. Thank you!


Brigade Open Boxing | Boxing national Championships

In September of 2015 we put together our most ambitious photo essay to date TO BEAT THE DEVIL. It was a deep dive into Army Boxing’s trip to Chicago for a clinic and exhibition match. We met several cadets and old grads through the project as well as reconnected with Coach Ray Barone. We were also introduced to Mike Joyce of the Celtic Boxing Club.

The next two years we captured Army Boxing’s return visits to Chicago documenting their time in and out of the ring.

This past year we moved from Chicago to DC and missed the 4th installment of Army Boxing in Chicago. So, we are primed for this year’s Brigade Open and the Boxing National Championships. Boxing is an intense sport as I am sure you are aware. It might be our favorite to cover. Can’t wait to turn our lenses on Army Boxing once again.

In the meantime, take a look at the photo essays from 2016 & 2015 below.




We like to stay on top of our looks. As the old saying goes (old as in I first heard it in a mid-nineties NFL films vhs) “if you look good, you feel good, you play good” We’re excited to continue to update our branding and messaging because, well…its worth it.

We care about those finer details and think it comes across in our web presence, print editions and product line. Every six month we get the chance to design a 100-page magazine while pulling inspiration from the traditions of West Point and trends of modern design. Needless to say we absolutely love it - we’re not shy about nerding-out about this. Stay tuned.



March 16 + Saturday, March 30, 2019 The West Point Society of DC is the largest of the graduate Societies. We’re very excited to turn our camera’s on grads looking fancy as we celebrate the founding of our beloved academy.

We’re going for elegant portraits with an upscale, yet casual feel. We’re really excited to pull this off.


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 8.37.48 AM.png


We’re making a commitment to bring you top-notch, quality content each month of 2019. You can expect photo galleries, stories from our journal, magazine announcement, new product details, Q&As with the West Point 100 and even a note from the editors desk detailing what’s inspiring us from up at West Point, throughout the Long Gray Line and even from pop-culture.

We’re so excited to have this platform to share from. We can’t wait to experience 2019 with you.



Graduation Day. We recall ours fondly. It’s a wondrous day for firsties, family, friends, the corps, faculty and the US Army. We’re available (very limited spots) to be your personal photographer for grad week, the graduation ceremony and bar pinning. There are so many moments that happen throughout this week. Leave the image-making to us, two professional creatives who have been there and done that. You won’t be disappointed! And you deserve to enjoy grad week to the fullest.

Do you have a small to moderate group of cadets you want to capture documentary style? We want to preserve this momentous day for a few special families. Contact us to learn more.



We know each West Point story has its very own unique twist and turns and nuance and subtly, our West Point story sure does. We can’t wait to hear more about yours. Reach out to us through our website, on Facebook messenger, DM us on Twitter or Instagram or by good old fashion email.

We can’t wait to hear from you and see where it takes us.


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 4.48.41 PM.png


We love this group. Its full of history, heritage, tradition and story after story after story. Sure we could read some of this stuff in a book somewhere, but there’s something so connective about reading the insights first hand from the people who own or want to own these relics, artifacts and heirlooms.

This group is for people that collect or are interested in early West Point items and antiques. It is encouraged that you share pictures and stories of items in your collection to share with others and generate awareness and discussion. There is no set timeframe on antique or collectible, if its unique interesting, personal, or old.




We have a stock pile of Q&As ready for you to consume. There are some fascinating creative careers, side-projects, retirement professions, and hobbyists out there. We’re excited to highlight some of the more obscure career paths and hidden hobbies and talents scattered within the Long Gray Line…and a few select folks that are doing incredible work about or on West Point from outside the ranks of the Long Gray Line.




We love Army-Navy weekend just like you. But Army-Navy is so much more than one football game played in December. Army-Navy is a year-long endeavor shared by the entire Corps of Cadets. We want to help highlight more of this classic, important and American rivalry.

Whether it’s chess, swimming & dive, debate, softball, lacrosse or football…we love seeing Army beat Navy. With Annapolis just a short drive from us, we are ready to go behind enemy lines to document every facet of the Army-Navy rivalry.

So, let us know when you are playing Navy at Annapolis. Is there a tailgate? An afterparty? Let us know and we can help document your part in the rivalry.





Ahhhh, yes…the 90-second good-bye, the haircuts, the “new cadet, Halt!'“s…and yes, the beloved cadet-in-the-red-sash…we are always looking forward to R-Day and Beast. From across the country come young men and women to begin their transformation into US Army officers. The first threshold is R-Day and then 6 weeks of Cadet Basic Training, throw in a march back, re-orgy week and an A-Day and you’ve got yourself some fresh, new plebes.

Can’t wait.


Army Football Club Annual Golf Outing

Every July half the CADET TEAM makes the journey up to West Point. Sometimes by train, sometimes by plane, sometimes by ferry. 

The journey is to reconnect with the BROTHERHOOD that is Army Football. July 2019 will be no different. 

Together the BROTHERHOOD will celebrate Army Football. There’s a lot to celebrate. An end of year #19 ranking, 11 wins, 3-in-a-row vs Navy, back-to-back CICs, 3-consecutive bowl game victories, and the awards…so many awards.


Our 2019 Tailgate Project

This coming autumn, we are planning a new project that will cover three of our favorite things: Army Football, Food, and community. And well, there’s no better place to find these things than on a Saturday near Michie Stadium in the fall. But we need some help from you to get this project headed in the right direction…

  1. We’re trying to identify Army Football’s 10 longest running tailgates. Can you help us?

  2. We’re also curious who has the BEST Army Football tailgate?

  3. Where is the best Army Football tailgate food?

Let the great debate begin!


Attending the 2019 Army-Navy Gala in Philadelphia

We’ve never been. It always looks like a good time or at least the people coming and going from the gala are having a good time. We think we are down for a good time and like the idea of a fancy evening before tailgating our faces off the next morning.

We’re really looking forward to this as a way to expand our experience of the Army-Navy Game weekend.

Although, we really wish they would bring back the Army-Navy Boxing exhibition on the Friday night before the game.

It’s never too early to start preparing for Army-Navy.


Well, we are certainly looking forward to a lot in 2019. And despite the length of the list above, we could have easily doubled it with ALL the West Point things we are looking forward to. We can’t wait to look back on 2019 and reminisce about all the new people we met, the conversations we had and look back on all the great imagery that was captured.

Here’s to a prosperous 2019, cheers!