21 Ways to be a Responsible Army Football Fan | PART 1 - PREP WORK

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Look, it’s going to happen. This year someone, somewhere along the way will challenge you. You may find yourself bellied-up to the bar, or at a late-summer family backyard BBQ, or a West Point Society happy hour and the question will be posed: So, what do you think about Army Football this year? Or how about that game this past weekend? Or can you believe that Michigan game?

How you respond will inform the universe of who you are. It will put on display your preparation, lack thereof and possibly pigeonhole you as a true supporter of the Pride & Dream or as an awful bandwagon jumper and wannabe.

Well, you are in luck, with a little grit we’ve pulled together a curated list of how YOU can best (PART 1) prepare yourself prior to each week’s match-up, (PART 2) best keep up with the game as it unfolds from anywhere on the planet, and (PART 3) where to go afterwards to collect all the key perspectives, stats and photographs of what we all expect to be many Army Football victories.

***Before we get started, keep in mind we have omitted a few obvious players here…ESPN, USMA proper, Army Athletics and Army Football. We’re assuming they are already on your radar. Let us know if we missed your favorite source in the comments or REACH OUT TO US HERE

Let’s jump in:

PART 1: Prep Work

For several months we’ve all been hash tagging #BEATRICE but how much do you know about the opponent? And what about week #2 and week #3? What is the current coaching staff preaching? How about the morale of the Corps leading up to kick-off? What uniform will Army be picking up 4th and short in? How about where to go to school yourself on the history of a key match-up? Preparation is a key component to success. Here’s your chance to get up to speed.


Before moving forward, its terribly wise to look back and ask “what’s come before?” What can we garner from those who made mistakes in times of yore? For your fill of Army Football history and for a look back to when Army Football Program covers were GREAT check out the account @SONS_OF_SLUM_AND_GRAVY it’s run by USMA 2002’s LTC Scotty Autin. His collection of memorabilia will impress you. His encyclopedic knowledge of West Point lore will dazzle you. It is a must follow.

It’s a trip down memory lane that will get you nostalgic for things you didn’t even experience.

#2 - 7 DAYS A WEEK

Want Army Football seven days a week? Of course you do. Well then you’d be hard pressed to find a more copious effort outside of West Point then the prolific work done by the boys over at @ASFORFOOTBALL From EA Sports video game simulations, to Podcasts to their impressive Army Football 101 series, they’re on it.

We’re expecting big things from Army Football this year and Rob Wright USMA 2014, John Szott USMA 2014 and Danno Cabeza USMA 1995 are poised to be there to help tell the story.


Nobody brings their unique take quite like the @WestPointBand In addition to being the soundtrack to Duty, Honor, Country they bring candid perspective to game day each and every Saturday. And don’t forget home game parades, the march-on, Black Knight Alley and the halftime show.



When in the course of human events a new coach comes on the scene its great to see them embrace West Point. Many West Point nubes do an outstanding job of this. No one, I repeat NO ONE has done better than Assistant Offensive Line Coach Matt Drinkall. Just go follow him now. If you are a true-blooded American, you won’t regret it.

P.S. his gif game is strong and he’s not afraid to post some good old fashion X’s & O’s



The 2019 Army Football season marks the ninth year for the Crawdad’s Countdown to Kickoff radio program! What began with three USMA grads (Bill "Crawdad" Crawford ('80), Tom "The Colonel" Economy ('81), and Steve "The Human Ouija Board" Kreipe ('84)) gathering to share their passion for Army Football, quickly blossomed into a full-fledged radio broadcast on Huntsville, AL's local ESPN affiliate, 97.7 WZZN, "The Zone". During the last few years, the broadcast team has expanded to include Joe “Coach” Ross (’95), adding his perspective as a former Army Football coach and award winning player.

Heading into this ninth stanza, they are in their second year with a fixed broadcast time of 7:00 pm (CST) each Wednesday of game week.


Stay on top of the week’s uniforms, helmets, unit patches, the packing of the Army Truck and all the behind-the-scenes dedication that makes @ArmyEquip the most respected equipment staff in the nation.

“Leave it better than you found it”


It’s a leadership responsibility to monitor the espirit de corps of the 12th Man. What better peak into the latest rumblings and complaints of the United States Corps of Cadets than through some dank memes from @TheLongGrayMemes. If you don’t get it, you’re out of touch and probably posted that recent Instagram photo declaring your photos are off limits to the Instagram overlords.


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